About The Judy Dan Research & Treatment Centre

The Judy Dan Wound Care Centre was created with funds donated to Ontario Wound Care Inc. The Centre is located on the second floor at 555 Finch Avenue West (former Branson Hospital). View directions.

The Centre is named in memory of Judy Dan, who had diabetes and suffered with diabetic wounds and amputations. The Centre provides treatment for patients with chronic non-healing wounds.

Judy Dan Wound Care CentreHyperbaric Chambers

The facility is the first of its kind in Canada, providing treatment for approximately 250 patients a year, using 6 ‘state-of-the-art’ Pan America Hyperbarics Inc. chambers as shown in the photo.

The Judy Dan Research & Treatment Centre is using and evaluating laser doppler and transcutaneous oximetry which are leading edge technologies.

Laser doppler evaluates the condition of the smallest blood vessels (capillaries) surrounding a wound and can also determine the status of nearby larger arteries.

Transcutaneous oximetry measures the oxygen concentration in the skin surrounding a wound and compares it to normal tissue. This demonstrates if a wound is hypoxic (lacking in oxygen), measures the severity, and helps determine treatment options.