Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not an expensive treatment. Other than the initial cost of the chamber, expenses are physician supervision and technical costs (support staff to operate the chamber, oxygen, chamber maintenance, etc.)

In Ontario, the Ministry of Health recognizes hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an "essential medical treatment" for the thirteen internationally recognized conditions and pays physicians to supervise the treatment.

The Ministry of Health does not fund the capital costs or technical and operational expenses of providing hyperbaric oxygen. Hospitals providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy must fund the technical costs from their global budgets. Such funds are limited and as a result, very few diabetic patients are able to access this treatment.

In Canada, laws prohibit patients from paying for "essential medical treatment" themselves, leaving most diabetic patients no choice other than to undergo amputation when standard wound care fails. Most patients with diabetic wounds have been disabled for considerable time and do not have the health or financial resources to obtain this treatment in other countries.

Ontario Wound Care Inc. needs donations to help cover the treatment costs and conduct ongoing research.

We do not charge patients for treatments and this is not private health care.

We do accept charitable donations and give donors a full tax deductible receipt. Our cost to provide hyperbaric treatment to a patient and save a leg from amputation is approximately $3,000- $4000. This is much less than the cost of amputation, or an artificial leg.

If you wish to help support our work, or sponsor a patient’s treatment, please contact us.